Standard Forms for Selling

Standard forms we require in order to list your property for sale.

1. Working with a Realtor Pamphlet
This is an informational pamphlet that provides information about the legal agency relationship between a real estate agent and their clients (Buyers and Sellers alike) as well as information concerning the Privacy Act as it relates to your personal information. This form is not a contract, it is a "sign as having read" document.  

2. Listing Contract
This can be an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) contract or an Exclusive Listing Contract. It's up to you. Please contact us to discuss the advantages or disadvantages of each.

3. Property Disclosure Statement
This is a questionnaire that is filled out by you as Seller. The questions pertain to your understanding of the condition of the property. It is usually provided to and signed by the Buyer. Once signed by the Buyer, it is usually attached to the Contract of Purchase and Sale and thereby attaches liability to the Seller for the responses to the questions.

4. Authorization to request strata documents
This form provides us with the authorization to request necessary strata documentation on your behalf. This documentation is then provided to the Buyer after an offer is accepted, assuming the Buyer requests these documents in their offer.

This is a mandatory form, required for the purchase or sale of all real estate in Canada. It has been instituted in an attempt to reduce money laundering and organized crime activity related to real estate. It requires Buyers and Sellers to produce qualifying ID to their agent or mandatory. Your sale cannot proceed without this form being submitted complete.

6. Independent Legal Advice
We strongly recommend that you seek independent legal advice if you have any questions about your listing forms or any other aspects of listing and selling your property.